Southern Ropes is a trusted manufacturer of high-quality, high performance twisted and braided synthetic rope, including strops, winch lines, lifting solutions, and chafe covers designed to meet the demands of diverse industries across the United States and Canada.

What we do

Trailblazers in synthetic rope, ours is a legacy of excellence in innovation going back four decades.

We combine strong and durable materials like Vectran®, Technora®, Zylon®, and our own Stealth Fibre® with the latest rope-making technologies and the very human element of craft. With in-house facilities for twisting and braiding ropes, as well as extruding polypropylene and polyethylene yarns, we maintain strict quality control and reliable production.

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Oil and gas


Commercial marine

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Southern Ropes is internationally recognized for its quality and service. We welcome inquiries from US and Canadian distributors and resellers considering expanding their product range with our high-performance synthetic rope, including winch lines, lifting solutions, and chafe covers.

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